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Henderson Justice Court

Henderson Justice Court

Henderson Justice Court

Located at 243 Water Street in Henderson, Nevada 89015, the Henderson Justice Court is right on the corner of Basic and Water Street. There is free parking across the courthouse main entrance as well as ample parking available directly on Water Street. Upon entering the Justice Court you will have to walk through a metal detector and be subject to searches.

The Henderson Justice Court handles misdemeanor non-traffic cases, civil cases up to $10,000, small claims cases up to $7,500, protective orders and determines if felonies and gross misdemeanors have enough evidence to be bound over to District Court.

Courtroom standards are strictly enforced by the Henderson Justice Court Marshall’s. Shorts and tank tops are forbidden. It is in one’s best interest to show respect to the court and especially the judge to dress in a business like attire. Your professional attire will show the judge that you are serious about your case and that you have respect. You should absolutely never do any of the following: Chewing gum or drinking, wearing of hats, whispering, noisy children and communicating with inmates.

Business hours of the Henderson Justice Court are Monday through Thursday from 7 am – 5 pm.

The telephone number of the Henderson Justice Court is 702-455-7951 and the Fax number is 702-455-7977 and general email is [email protected]

 Case Search

The Henderson Justice Court Case Search offers multiple ways of finding a case.

  • Online click here
  • Call 702-455-7951
  • Walk into the Henderson Justice Court Clerk at 243 Water St, Henderson

Warrant Search

A warrant is an official legal document courts issue to law enforcement. The warrant allows law enforcement to make an arrest. The court issues a warrant if the individual is not complying with the court. Not complying includes not paying a ticket or fines on time or not going to a required court date. Arrests for warrants are very unpleasant since the accused must be processed into the jail. Then the individual must pay for bail and being processed out of jail could take up to 72 hours or more. If you think you have a warrant, there are a few ways of finding and dealing with them:

  • Online Warrant List updated weekly click here
  • Call 702-455-7951
  • Walk into the Justice Court Clerk at 243 Water St, Henderson. They will not detain you, however, you will be able to fill out a form to get a new court date.
  • The FASTEST and EASIEST way to immediately resolve a warrant is through a bail bond agency by calling 702-608-2245.

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