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Henderson Nevada Jail Inmate Search

Henderson Nevada Jail Inmate Search (702) 608-2245. Below you can also utilize the inmate search database to find an inmate that has completed the booking process. The booking process can take up to four hours and the inmate will not show in the search results until this is completed. The fastest way to search for an inmate in the Henderson Nevada Jail is to call (702) 608-2245. Our friendly staff will find your friend or loved one and be able to provide you with:

  • Bail information:  What it cost to get them out of jail now.
  • Charges:  What crime are they accused of.
  • Next court date:  When they will see the judge.

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Henderson Jail Inmate Search Database

Henderson Detention Center Location
Henderson Detention Center Nevada

Henderson Nevada Jail Inmate Search

The Henderson Detention Center is located behind the Court House in downtown Henderson at 18 Basic Road. This facility also provides contractual detention services for other governmental entities including immigration. The Henderson Nevada Jail has a staff of over 110 people. The staff ranges from detention officers to administrative specialists that service the 500 inmates. Medical services are available such as 24-hour nursing care, weekly doctors visits, and even dental care.

The Henderson Detention Center employee ratio to inmates is almost five to one. With that said, this jail is the nicest facility in the valley. Many inmates that have visited the other local jails, refer to as a country club. The facility is open 24 hours for inquiries and bail posting. Any person that is arrested in the Henderson area will be held at this detention facility.

Henderson Nevada Jail Front Entrance

Henderson Nevada Jail Front Entrance

Henderson Detention Center

Henderson Detention Center

Henderson Nevada Inmate Search Tool

This is a live search of an inmate that is currently in the Henderson Nevada Jail.  Please note that inmates will only show up in this database once they complete the booking in process. The booking process can take up to four hours or more.  There are three ways to search for an inmate:

Search by the last name

In the “Inmate Name” bar type the first two to three letters of the inmates last name. This is a broad search and it will give you a list of inmates name. If there are too many search results you can add letters or write the full last name.

Search by using your phone

Call (702) 608-2245 right now to search for an inmate by using your phone 24 hours a day. Our friendly operator will find your friend or loved one in the Henderson Jail. There is no faster way to search for anybody than using your phone anywhere and anytime.

What to do once the inmate is found

You found your friend in the Henderson Detention Center and you are wondering what to do next. You have the following options available. If you need immediate help please call (702) 608-2245 right now and we will help you 24 hours a day.

Henderson Detention Center Bail Window

Henderson Detention Center Bail Window

Henderson Detention Center Inmate Release

Henderson Detention Center Inmate Release

Bailout option

The fastest way to get your friend out of the Henderson Nevada Jail is to bail them out. You can start this process by calling (702) 608-2245. Our friendly staff will make you feel comfortable by explaining the bailout process to you. This option is of the highest recommendation. Usually, there is no time to waist since the inmate needs to go back to a job or the family.

Waiting till the Court Date option

The other option is to wait until the next scheduled court date. When an inmate books into the Henderson Detention Center they receive a court date within 48 hours. The inmate has to sit in jail and wait until the court date to see the judge. The judge might release the inmate, or they can lower or raise the bail amount. Sometimes the judge does nothing at all depending on the merits of the case. Usually, the judge does nothing while keeping the bail amount the same. When that occurs the inmate just lost two days in the jail. In that case, they could have bailed out just hours after getting in.

Staying in Jail option

This is the option where you do nothing and let the legal system take its course. The inmates first court date will be within the 48-72 hours of their arrest. For their following court dates, the inmates will usually wait for weeks or a month. You can visit the inmate at the Henderson Nevada Jail during their visitation hours. You can also write them letters and load money onto their trust accounts.

Detention Center release times

The release times for this jail facility are as follows: 3 am, 10 am and 9 pm. Posting a bail bond is the fastest way to ensure an inmates release. For processing, it is ideal to post the bond 2 hours before a release time. Once free, the inmate will receive a new court date. Failure to appear will result in a warrant for arrest.

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Posting Bail in Henderson Nevada Jail

Posting bail at the jail can be a complicated and stressful experience. Let eBAIL handle the entire bail process from start to finish. The eBAIL staff maintains full licensure and BBB rating. Their bail bonds agents provide the best service in the business with 24-hour support. The eBAIL staff offers flexible bail and payment requirements.  They also have a personalized approach to the business that will have your loved one free, fast.

eBAIL respects your privacy by providing their bail services with complete confidentially. That is why attorneys and friends of those held at the Henderson Detention Center call on eBAIL. Just minutes from the jail eBAIL can post bail bonds in just minutes.

If someone you love is an inmate at the Henderson Detention Center don’t delay, contact eBAIL a Henderson Bail Bonds Company right away at (702) 608-2245.

Henderson Jail Inmate Search

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Henderson Detention Center

Henderson Nevada Detention Center

Henderson Nevada Jail